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Predicting and preparing for tomorrow’s threats

Booz Allen’s top intel analysts collaborated to identify cybersecurity trends on the horizon, monitoring today’s threat landscape—and anticipating tomorrow’s—to help organizations prepare for what’s next. The result is our 2020 Cyber Threat Trends Outlook.

In this report, we dive deep, delivering forward-looking projections of near-term cyber threats. Thinking ahead to emerging threats your organization should watch out for in the coming year will help inform your proactive approach to cybersecurity.

The report covers nine key cyber threats:

  1. Global balkanization of technology
  2. Tainted component: Clones and counterfeits
  3. Cybercrime hits the highway
  4. Malware takes flight: Drones as an initial network infection vector
  5. Shattering constellations: The future of satellites for Earth, space, and the internet
  6. When advanced persistent threats all look alike
  7. Digital elections interference
  8. Cyber operations carry increasing risk of conventional military response
  9. Nation-states poised to interfere in 2020 Olympics

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