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These 20 ‘Hackers’ Helped Shape The Cybersecurity Landscape Forever

I asked cybersecurity experts to name the hackers who have had the biggest impact, good or bad, across the years. This is the result. Defining a hacker is almost guaranteed to kick off the kind of impassioned debate you might ordinarily associate with sports team rivalry. For this article, however, I deliberately backed away from the hacker or cracker debate. Instead, I opted to take the broadest possible meaning within the context of the cybersecurity industry: someone who explores methods to breach computer system defenses be that to improve defensive capability, for criminal gain, as part of a nation-state intelligence operation or cyber-attack, political protest, just for fun or even to advertise their own 'cybersecurity' services.

Whether the hacker concerned wears a black hat, a white hat or a shade in-between, I wanted to know who the individuals, or groups, were who have made an impact upon security as we know it today. Here ‘s where the conversation took me.

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Article By: Davey Winder